Ample Audio Exonix 274 4-Channel Amplifier

- 720 W MAX Bridgeable 4 Channel Amplifier
- 90 W RMS x 4 (4 ohm)
- 145 W RMS x 4 (2 ohm)
- 270 W RMS x 2 (4 ohm) Bridged
- Double Sided Glass Epoxy P.C.B.
- RCA Inputs and Outputs
- Lowpass Crossover Variable 30-250Hz
- Highpass Crossover Variable 50-1KHz
- MOSFET Power Supply
- Bare Wire Set Screw Terminal Block
- 2 ohm Stable
- THD 0.02%
- S/N 95dB
- Ch/Sp 75dB
- 13.5" L x 2" H x 12.7" W
- Frequency Response 10-35,000 Hz
- Variable Bass Boost 0-12dB at 45Hz

My review:
I am very pleased with this amplifier. Along with it's ease of use (i.e., heavy-duty set-screw type terminals), the sound is amazingly clean. Even up in extremely loud region. I have this amp running a pair of Kicker Resolution RMB6 and Resolution R5 component set. It is very crisp and clean, right up to the point of deafening.
I previously had a Kicker KX300.4 doing the dirty work of running these speakers, and compared to this new Ample Audio amplifier, it was just that, DIRTY. I can't express enough how sweet the power emitting from this amp is, you just need to hear a system with one to find out.

A+++++++++++!!! BTW, I will be switching to all Ample Audio Exonic amplifiers in my system. Very well-designed!