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Reload Thread: DB Drive A7 125.4

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    Icon32 DB Drive A7 125.4

    Review of Amplifier:

    I had exp with the A7 line up with my old A7 2000.1 and when I got the chance to grab the 125.4 I jumped on it. First thoughts god is that one sxy and heavy amp. Wow is all I can say actually put my old 100.4d to shame just based on internals. Conclusiun I have ran an ED9.4, MBQ Ony 125.4, Sundown 100.4d and hands down the A7 just has more raw power. SQ is all in the ears of the listener so I want comment on that. Did a direct swap from my 100.4 to my 125.4 with no changes at all and wow is all I can say after some slight changes to the crossover and boom. Its not only alot louder then the 100.4d it also sounds more life like and its stays alot cooler when ran at 2ohm stereo. So to end the review its just a beastly amp that no one gives a second thought about. Half the cost of the 100.4 but IMO brings alot more to the table. To date the best 4 channel I have played with........ Just incase ur wondering its fused for 90amps unlike the sites that say it has 60amps worth of fusing. A tru beast on the cheap if u know the right people..

    RIP Maynard "My heart"

    HU - Eclipse CD7000
    Front Stage - 4 Silver flute 6.5's - 4 Seas Prestige tweets
    Front Stage amp - DB Drive A7 125.4
    Subwoofer - 1 TRF 15" Custom built
    Subwoofer Amp - 2 - Skar SK-2500's & Sundown 5k & 2 Nendo bc2000's " swap back and forth between them"
    Box - Secret
    Wiring - Knukonceptz everything, Big 3, Sprinter S12V370F & HC1800

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    Re: DB Drive A7 125.4

    Sell it to me.... Or the Skar 80.4 :P

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