there isn't much detail to explain this amp

blue light
remote bass boost

has confusing specs (website is different from box, which is different from manual, which is different from what people say)...... I wonder what are the true specs of this amp.

let me just tell you a brief situation that occured w/this amp.
it says rated [email protected] I put it on a shiva and i had to have the bass boost and level both 75% high to even get the shiva to move. Now you say, humm it could be the sub, well to fix that i put teh sub on a profile 400 2 channel amp ([email protected] bridge) and the sub was pounding w/the level & bass boost barely up. This is the same car, same wires, same rcas- everything the same except for the amp. This makes me wonder what teh true specs of this amp is at 4ohms - i'm not sayin gi'm the smartest guy in the world but i am smart enough to know something - this amp is not 500.1 @4ohms. Sorry, try like 250-300.

Now off to when this amp was on my w7, again that's a svc 3ohm subwoofer - one would assume since this amp says its [email protected] and [email protected], that i'm giving my sub 750 watts. here again i had to have the bass boost up high along w/the remote gain inorder to get some movement out of my sub. Being a memeber of the forum for awhile, i learned that its not too hot to have ur bass boost up high, which made me worry so i lowered it - but just knowing that this sub is supposed to put out some serious heat - i knew something was wrong. i contacted hifonics (great customer service - probably the best thing about the company, if you ask me), to get the true specs of the amp - there again i got something 100% different than was any other place. The only thing that was constant about the specs is that its 1500.1 @ 1ohm.

if you are going to run this amp i suggest u use it for 1ohm and 1ohm only. i do NOT recommend you using this amp for anything above 1ohm whatsoever!!!!! hifonics is known for having pretty descent products esp., several years ago, which is why this was so disappointing to me. Another good note, the amp does stay prettey warm after hours of play.

bad info:
amp is hard to tune
road noise a lil higher than expected
the knobs can end up being pushed inside the amp
annyoing blue light - this is good for all u folks who want ur amp stolen in 1 week

overall if u want 1500 watts for 251 bucks off ebay, then fine its a good deal.
if you want 1000 watts for 251 bucks then u're getting the wrong amp b/c @ 2ohms u're lucky if u're gettin 750watts.

here's warren's specs on this amp (and no i have not bench tested the amp)
375 4ohms
750 2ohms
1500 1ohm

once again, i'm not trying to knock the amp or people that own it, all i can say is run it @ 1ohm if u're gonna invest your money.