I'm going to try and answer all questions that I had about this amp.


price range $275-469

comes with a birthsheet
has an internal fan
subsonic filter
not an annoying noticeable blue light to attract the attention of thieves, for those that ride w/the amp exposed (maybe your rear seats are down, or you installed the amp in a pickup).

min power
1200.1 4ohms
1400.1 2ohms
this amp is NOT 1 ohm stable
max power - this varies and your birthsheet will tell you the max you will get out of the sub @ 4ohms (not 2ohms, that i'm assuming you can calculate).
I'm not sure if i'd run it below 2ohms BUT 1.5 may MAY be ok (that's your own risk).

Tantrum Mono Block Amplifier
High Efficiency Tri-Path Operation
18dB HP/LP Continuously Variable crossover (30-300Hz)
18dB Continuously Variable subsonic filter (5-50Hz)
Low Pass Level (LPL) Control
Twin T Bass EQ Circuitry
Remote Monitoring Display Port

Things to take notice
The amp does not come w/a remote bass knob or wiring for that.
Due to the external paint & material used, be easy on installing it for the amp can scratch easy (for those who use their screws & power tools w/o paying attention).

Subjective Information
amp does what its made to do and that's provide power at a high ohm load as stated before. The amp is very easy to tune and i noticed that on the lpf section it has marked where 70 hz is, which is very helpful isntead of just trying to calculate where 80hz or 100hz is. The amp is small but does carry a little weight to it. I ran the amp for 4 hours straight (high power and volume level) at 3ohms and the amp did get pretty warm (luke warm water warm) and probably would have been hot if it didn't have that fan going. The fan kicks in as soon as the amp is on. Although i'm not 100% sure on this I think the speed of the fan will vary due to the amount of cooling is needed inside the amp (good thing to have).

Overall quick reference (some things restated)
-you will get a min of 1200 watts @ 4ohm and 1400 watts at 2ohms
-this amp is ideal for those that may have 2 2ohm dvc subs that need about 700 watts a piece
-black sleek design (does come in white)
-will take a lot of juice to push the amp, so you might want to upgrade your alt (I currently have a Yellow top (my only battery) and a 130 amp alt) again running the amp @ 3ohms along w/a 4 channel amp (84x4) and my lights dim (when blasting my music) inside car barley **not noticeable whatsoever

If this amp had no price tag & the ceo wanted me to come up with a price for the quality of product i'd assume it would be worth $325. This amp gets a rating of A- with the only downfall is that it is not 1ohm stable.