All i have to say is **** this thing is HOTT!!! Seriously though, the pictures on the internet don't do it nearly enough justice. At night the way the blue light shines through the clear/whitish plastic, words cannot even describe it.

I can't really compare it to anything because my kicker amp was DOA, but this thing poungs my (2) 12 Compvrs very very hard. I have it wired to 2ohms so i am not getting its full power out of it. I am getting some dimmage with this, which for an amp this power full is to be expected. I am still fine tunning it. Mine didn't come with a birthsheet (was it supposed to?) so i dont know exactly how many watts its putting out but its plenty (gain is 1/2 and I'm afraid i'm going to trash these subs)

If you are even considering this amp, just buy it. Forget that it isn't a "name" brand because that just means you get to pay less and get more (always a good thing)