Piano black finish and chrome.
Oversized caps
ISMT circuit board MTX Amplifier Technology
Pure N-channel design MTX Amplifier Technology
Adaptive class D mono block 20-200hz, 1 ohm stable http://www.mtx.com/caraudio/technolo...aining_ACD.swf
Pure XTC THUNDER XTC Amplifier Cooling Technology
Prizm EFX Thunder PrizmEFX
Smart Engage
subsonic filter
Variable EQ Frequency (30-80hz)
EQ boost (-/+ 12db)
Variable crossover 40-200hz 24db per octave
High and low input selector (100 mv to 1v and 1v to 10v)

20-11/16" long x 9-5/8" wide x 2-1/2" thick
78% efficiency @ full power into 2 ohms
Idle current @ 3.5A
S&N ratio -107.5dba (1,188 watts @ 4ohms)
Input: 118mv-13v
Max current @ full power 1ohm: 181A

Rated power:
500 x 1 @ 4 ohms
1000 x 1 @ 2 ohms
1500 x 1 @ 1 ohm

Actual power 1.0% THD+N 14.4 volts
702 x 1 @ 4ohms
1207 x 1 @ 2 ohms
1625 x 1 @ 1 ohm

Pics: MTX Thunder Elite 1501D Amplifier

I have owned this amp for about 8 months now and thought i would share my review of it. This amp comes housed in a shiny black finish with a chrome center piece. Obviously intended for looks and to be displayed on a rack and certainly not under your seat or in an area where cargo is taken in and out. The problem i find is of course its very prone to finger smudges and scratches and is why it needs to be mounted in a safe area away from cargo. I prefer rugged housings where i don't feel like i'm holding fragile glass when handling. The adjustable color spectrum changes through a range of colors seen around the top area of the amp and around the controls to match color schemes. Personally i don't find it useful for anything other than helping me see the adjustments better. The "demo" mode looks cooler as it changes through the spectrum constantly however it wont shut off unless done manually and is for dealer display only unfortunately.

Powering a single 12" W6v2 pre enclosed sub, the bass is smooth and deep, although it all too easily overpowers my front coaxials powered by a JLA 450/4 and i had a hard time to balance that out without turning sub outputs too low but that is likely due to the install itself and/or adjustments and not anything directly of the amp.
I also really liked its extra 4 guage capable power and ground distrobution intended for use with a cap, but made my wiring easier to use them for powering another amp rather than use a seperate distrobution block.

Have not gotten around to replacing OEM Alt. Though i can say it has never dimmed my lights and so far no issues there, though i'm sure it will or could still kill the altenator eventually, but it certainly appears to be pretty efficient and gets just mildly warm to the touch on long hauls in the summer so no doubt the XTC cooling works well however i never understood why amp makers don't adopt current high end computer CPU closed loop liquid cooling trends. I never used the smart engage power on/off and i don't even know how to use it, so i opted for the remote wire. It also comes with a bass remote but unti i reconfigure my system and get a better HU, the bass is overpowering enough without it.

Overall its a rock solid performer and satisfied enough to say that i'll be keeping this amp for years to come.