I Just finished installing my 2 last amps into my car hesitant because audiso was Always shown as sq amps. Dont get me wrong i love sq but spl is just as important.

Audison LRX1.2
To start off with the Audison LRX 1.2 is a beautiful amp. It runs solid at 1 ohm and pushes out crazy 3200 rms. I am personally running this amp at 1.34 ohms to give me close to 2800 rms. The sq from this amp is absolutly brilliant, and the clean hard hitting power can hammer almost any subs. This amp does get fairly hot while running but i ran it constantly on a 2 hour trip and had no problems. If you are looking for a clean hard hitting amp then look no further it may have a large price tag but i have yet to find an amp that I have liked more.

Audison LRX4.1
This amp is one of the best sound quality amps I have ever heard. Running on this amp are two pairs of focal speakers, the 165 krx2 and focal 165 kr2. As to this fact the amp is not all sq it also has alot of power to back up the price tag. At 2 ohm the amp runs 2x250 and 2x230.
Canadian retail:
Audison LRX1.2: 2399.95
Audison LRX4.1: 1599.95