It was January 1996 and I must have had some extra cash after Christmas...time to buy a new amp! I was always a Rockford fan, so off I went to the local Car Stereo shop to see the new models. I was planning on purchasing (2) Punch 40x2's, but was talked into a single 400x4 by the shop owner for a cleaner install. Off the owner went to the stock room to look through all of his stock to find the one with the highest output on the "Punch Verification Sheet". He came back with 162 watts x 4 into 2 ohms with an amp rated at 100 watts x 4 into 2 ohms. I plopped down the Visa and off I went to install the amp in my 1987 Prelude Si.

I'd used a Punch 150 mosfet and Punch 45HD in the past wired 2 ohms mono to my (2) 10" MTX Blue Thunder subs, so I felt pretty comfortable wiring the 400x4 the same way. Now I was able to give my Boston Acoustics Pro 5.4's the power they needed to sing (approx 100w to each channel). As with all Rockford amps I've ever owned, the 400x4 never let me down! It ran 1ohm to the sub channel (2 ohms mono) for 8 years while continuing to power the same Boston Pro 5.4's and MTX Blue Thunder subs. The ONLY feature it was lacking was any kind of Bass control. Luckily, I had an Alpine 7903 CD Player with the 45hz bass slider control.

I put this amp to rest in the early 21st century once I picked up a RF Power 550x. This amp, also 4 channel, DID have the Bass control I wanted. I'm still using the 550x in my current car and the 400x4 still works great! See my overview video below for a journey back into the mid-1990's car stereo crystal ball....

YouTube - Rockford Fosgate Punch 400x4 - Old School Car Amplifier Overview