The Alpine MRV-F540 is Alpine’s 4/3/2 channel amplifier. I have owned mine since February 03 and I have been thoroughly impressed with it. I have it powering my front and rear speakers and it has more than enough power.

Let’s go over the basics first. It is a 4ch amplifier so it has 4 sets of RCA inputs; it also has 1 set of RCA Pre-outs which can be used to drive a separate amplifier. The pre-out RCA’s are not affected by the crossover controls. It comes with 2 30 amp fuses built into the front. The Power and Ground connections on the amplifier can accept 6 - 18 gauge leads, but I am using 4 guage leads on mine. The speaker connections are located at the front of the amplifier and are all side by side for ease of use. The unit is rated at 80W X4 at 4ohms at 14.4V. The one I received has a birth sheet of just over 90W X4 at 14.4V. This is how I use it. It is a very flexible unit and can be bridged many ways.

Bridged 4 ohms: 350W x 2
Per channel into 4 ohms: 150W x 4

and also:
Bridged 4 ohms: 200W x 2
Per channel into 2 ohms: 100W x 4
Per channel into 4 ohms: 80W x 4

All those ratings are at 14.4V. The unit has very good controls and they are mounted directly on top for easy reading and adjusting. The crossover controls are easy to set and are very flexible. Don’t be intimidated when you see them, they are laid out and explained well. The input voltage on the amplifier can accept 4V max which is ideal for most Alpine head units as well as many others. The amplifier itself is a very good looking unit. The top comes down and covers the crossover controls and an additional cover can be mounted to hide all the speaker connections which gives you a much cleaner looking install. This in my opinion is just a great amp for powering fronts and rear speakers, or you could bridge it for front only. The amplifier is quite expensive. Retail goes for about 500.00+ but it can be found on the internet for much less. There is so much more, I am sure I forgot something. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me or visit Alpine’s website.