good for versitility

This is my most recent of car audio equipment buys and I love it. I have a few friends that have the 3.1, which is very similar, and once we installed the Eq man what a difference, haveing the line driver right there next to the head unit makes a massive difference for the amplifers, plus it gave them much more versitality for the system, espically for my friend that did not have the equalizer in the existing head unit. To have this piece gives the user the instant adjustability at their finger tips with out haveing to fiddle with the head unit settings, which is great because not every recording is recorded the same, plus the increased voltage is a very nice addition. For anyone who is serious about the sound in their vechile and wants the ability to make the fine adjustments they want for each song, this piece is a must.

My only complaint is that it only has a single input and 2 outputs, to me 3 and 3 would be the best. But then again thats what the EQX is for. HUmm maybe I should get that too, lol