I recently intalled this amp in a Friends Xterra, along with another PG amp for his sub. At first I was skeptical due to the advertised power, did not think it would be enough, I was wrong. This amp is very clean, not super clean like a Tube or BRAX or Zapco amp, but very clean and accurate like it should be, coming from PG in the first place. I installed this amp in the Xterra to power Kicker components, which are already clean sounding to begin with. From my experience with this amp, I have not noticed any overheating and my friend never reported of a shut down or protection mode. He uses his truck for off roading all the time and the amps get hit with equipment all the time, and they keep on playing like new. Not the prettiest thing on the planet but, for a daily driver amp, it definatley gets the job done.