Durable daily driver

I recently installed this amp alond side of the PG 100.2. Identical exeopt for the width. These two amps were placed into an Xterra that sees a ton of usage. At first I personally thought that both of these amps were not going to be stong enough to power his sub/Components like I was expecting. I was wrong, this amp was placed upon one 12" IDQv2, (nice sub for the loot), but it was much louder and cleaner than I had pictured in my mind. The two amps match each other well. This amp, even when pushed hard never overheated or shut down due to protection. Very clean and reliable from my experience. The SPL was decent, but nice for the money. This amp sees alot of abuse, because it is always getting hit by my friends equipement that is getting tossed intot the back of the Xterra and it has held up just fine, still plays like new. Not the prettiest amp out there but it sure gets the job done well for a daily driver amp. I would recceomend it to people that are wanting a budget amp that performs well 365 days a year