Most of you already know about this amp, but I'd figure I'll make a post anyways. I paid $200 for this amp from The amp puts out 600 watts rms and 1200 watts max. When I had the amp, it was powering a pair of RE SE 12's in a sealed box. I had the amp for about half a year, and for that time it was the best amp I've ever had. In 6 months I managed to blow 6 fuses in the amp, but that's not a big deal at all. I just ran over to Auto Zone and picked up 10 fuses for a few dollars. The amp never overheated and never shut off, other than the fuses being blown. Some people have complained about the poor setup on the amp as far as adjustments go (gain, etc...) but I thought it was fine. My back seats fold down in my car, so I had the amp mounted on the back of the seats and usually left them folded down. Despite the fact that my subs could handle twice as much power, the amp did a great job powering the subs. It was very loud but very clear. I'm not sure what else I can say about the amp. Looks good, is amazing for the price. If you want 600 watts of power, this amp is for you.