The specs for this thing tell you ur basic needs: < 0.5% THD for a raw 900 wrms when running in 2 ohms. At the last show they where measuring actual watts so we let the qx be measured.

- 1042 WRMS running 1.8ohms

I´ve had this amp running far greater watts (1300 / 1400) and it always seems to remain stable. The amp is fitted with a "special" crossover for usage of multiple 900.1d´s in a master slave relation. The basics for this amp would be

- Gives you far more then the book says, THD stays away even when "pushing" it

- Doesn´t get real hot, not even when it has no actual cooling air

- Runs on two 80 amp fuses, personally never saw an amp that ran on 2 x 40 fuses doing those numbers.

- Impedance and heating protection.

Definatly a good buy.