I need a little advice. I decided to put this thread in this section only because I want anyone who reads to review the amp they recommend. But I'm running 2 alpine type Rs(12in., 4 ohm) subs in my scion tc. My amp juts recently fried, I had a HiFonics Brutus, which pounded loud as hell. So I decided to go with HiFonics once again since I wanted to match the sound I had. I got a HiFonics Titan7508 and it just doesn't seem to be the same...I'm in the process of getting an upgraded alternator and another battery so i'm thinking of selling the HF titan and maybe 2 amps 1 each running 1 sub. FYI i already have my highs amped up. Or maybe just one big amp...any suggestions??? And will 1 battery enough for the 3 amps? Or 2 amps? Please help.