Only listened for about 20min so far...

Much smaller than I imagined, when UPS showed up with a small shoe box sized box, I got a little worried...

I then inspected the amp, which feels super solid and great fit'finish. Comes with about 7 different wrenches and cast aluminum mounting feet, plus 3 plugs for power connections and speakers, all of which feel well made.

I never had an install go so easy, fits anywhere. no not there feg

I have it bridged running some Focal 165k2p's passive (for now) so ~ 300w per side. I set gain according to manual with DMM.

Now going from a bridged Zapco 1000.4 (~500w per side, gain low), the JL had a TON more midbass. NO OTHER CHANGES MADE BESIDES AMP! It seems like the JL engineers actually boosted those frequencies. I had to set (for the first time ever) my HPF to 100hz just to keep them happy. Even when it was @ 80, I could still hear the lower stuff trying to get through, causing some unsettling sounds from my speakers at high volume.

Now, the midrange and highs are good and not lacking, but Im going to need some more listening time to really tell.

That is all for now.