Hey guys,

Decided to post my review of my XXX10000 since there probably arent very many reviews on here of them.

Mine has been absolutely flawless thus far and has surpassed my expectations completely. Really brings the power and drives my 18 BTL perfectly.

10/10 performance and the simple, whole-heatsink look is elegant and not flashy...which I like.

Also, the oversized terminals are awesome as well....the power+ground can take larger than 2/0 gauge and the speaker terminals can take 4 gauge power wire

It can draw around 550 amps of current, so of course a solid electrical setup will be necessary to get the full potential out of this amp.

The only thing I would change is the control knobs cant be seens very well if its the least-bit dark, making adjustments hard.

But Im backing this amp fully...thumbs up for big power