I'm looking for thoughts on the Alpine PDX series of amps. I am currently running a Memphis Big Bell (bridged 2x230wpc & 1x600wpc?) for my subs and my mids and a Memphis 3004 (bridged 2x230wpc for tweets). These have been tuned down to 150wpc and using the crossover settings within my PRS880. I'm looking for a little different sound and thinking of going with the PDX 4-150 and using the HERTZ passive crossovers in lieu of the Pioneer's crossover in the 880. Also using an Alpine PDX 1-1000 for the subs.

2 resons for the change:

#1. As I said I'm looking for a different sound than what I have now with the Memphis.

#2. The Memphis amps are located under the rear seats behind a sub box and can't breath too good. Big Belle keeps shutting down with louder volumes from heat.

Please give honest reviews as to your thoughts on these Alpine amps.


BTW....I'm also contemplating the use of another set of HSK-165's for a little rear fill.