Good amp, running it at 4 ohm bridged (mono) 400x1, it comes with a remote level control you can mount up front for easy access and a power plug which you can connect the ground, battery, and remote to first and then plug it to the amp.

I thought the plug was a cool feature although useful is very low quality, and the remote knob I have no use for, but have to keep it around since it has the power and protect light on it instead of on the actual amp?

Another turn off was the allen wrenches that come with it to connect and disconnect the wires, so if you loose them you assed out unless you have any on hand.

It gets hot at times but hasn't poof out and is moderatly consistent, the cover give you an impression that it has a fan inside but I doudt it has.

For the money I paid for it which was $100 dollars I guess its o.k, would I buy another probably not.