I bought this amp for $150 dollars, and I must say it's a P.O.S., so you get what you pay for, it seems.
I'm running it at 2-ohms [600x1 @ 2-ohms] and it runs extremely hot. It only takes a short time for it to get scalding hot to the point where you reflexively pull your hand away from it. Also, the two times I've turned it up over 50 (out of 62) after a few seconds my amp went into protection mode.
I feel as if this amp is really lowering the quality of my system, and kind of regret buying it. I should've saved up for another, and much better amp.

Reliability: 5/10
Value: 6/10
Durability: 3/10 [The top plate is already rattling when my subs hit]
Under rated or Over rated: Extremely over-rated IMO.