This is a 2 channel amp capable of pushing out 400w RMS @ 2 ohm at each channel or 800w RMS bridged.

This is a BIG amp. I like the fact that it's easy to adjust it to little bass output to skull-shaking output. This amp was made back from `03-`04 I believe. I purchased one used from a guy on Ebay for $225 which I thought was a good deal since this amp retailed at around $500 when it was new.

Be sure you have plenty of power ready to deliver behind this amp!

The only thing I didn't like is that instead of 2 very large terminals for positive and ground they have 4 smaller ones capable of only holding 8 gauge wiring. This amp really ought to have 4 gauge and most heavy kits come with 4 gauge wire so you have to split your main wire into two smaller wires.

In my setup I have a 4 gauge wire running to a 2 farad cap, off the cap with two 10 guage wires into the amp. I also use 2 10 gauge wires tied into a larger 4 gauge ground.

These are rare amps, and worth every penny that they would sell for.

EDIT: I purchased this amp as an upgrade to my Rockford Fosgate 401s. The 801s is the same amp, only twice as big and has twice the power output.