this amp is very nice,
its has a very smooth look to it,
i dont realy like the alan rench for the wires but it makes it seem like more of a highclass amp with sumtin a lil dif the philips head,

as far as output i had it on 4 gauge runin a 18 FI Q
and it ran the Q almost to its maximum potential,

in comparison to a mb quart 1000 and a tma 500 for this amp
the mb quart has slightly more power, not much, but the jl 500 moves the cone with so much more control, bassically no distortion and with the mb quart there was alot,

compared to the tma 500 and jl 500 each pushing 2 13 w1's the jl had more power and slightly better sound,

i would say u can put this on a sub that 700 rms to be a good match,

for the same wattage at 1.5- 4 ohm im not quite sure but i think it might be actualy true