These amps are incredible, the output and clarity are just above and beyond any other none Zapco amps that I have used. Plus the DSP processing that is built in makes it really easy to tune the set up just right. I hooked my laptop up to the 360 and was able to tune both amps. The setting included, gain, eq, time delay, crossover setting, output level, input level and actually more than I can remember right now. The coolest part is that i could sit in the drivers seat with my laptop and adjust everything all at once. Instead of having to make countless trips to the trunk. The other great feature with the Zapco amp (not just the DC's) is they have a balance line output called symbilink that keeps radiated noise out of your sound and boost the pre outs up to 18 volts. Giving you a lower noise floor and a boosted signal to amps. If your into SQ these amps will absolutely fit the bill. But as a whole all the Zapco amps that I have used are on a different level than any other amps I have used. including JL Audio slash and e series, Rockford Power series, PPI power class old school( these were pretty close in SQ), xtant, Alpine and a couple others I cant think of right now. The only draw back to these amps are the sub amp is a class ab, while this is great for SQ, it is a bit less efficient than most d class's and heats up pretty quick and consumes quite a bit of power. If you have an questions about these amps I will be happy to try and answer them or Zapco has a really good forum that has actual technicians from there staff answering question. Hope this doesnt sound too much like a plug, I just really like the products and this company.