Power Acoustik Gothic OV4-1200 4-channel amp.

Appearance: sounddomain made this amp seem as if it were black/chrome which mislead me. it was more of a goldish/bronze/gunmetal mixure and chrome. but it didnt bother me much. just something to consider for those going for cosmetics.

Performance: its rated @100w x4. its overrated judging by ears. ive had a jbl gto 100w x4 before it got stolen and was twice as better than this power acoustik when it comes to power. dont get me wrong, this amp is solid for the budget and pushes my speakers very well. im happy with it and it makes my speakers scream.

Durability: been running this amp at medium gain settings and occasionally gave it some abuse to test it. till today, it still runs like champ. been 3 months so far and no problems at all.

Value: very very good. $109 at sounddomain for 100wx4 @4ohm is well worthy.

overall, i am 10/10 satisfied with this amp. it has plenty power, looks nice, not too huge of an amp, very affordable, and takes abuse like my hifonics sub amp.