Well today I actually was able to find time to have a very indepth listening session with my new setup. It consists of a Kenwood KDC-X859 head unit, eD 6500 components powerd by a Phoenix Gold ti600.2. My Substage is a eD 16Ov.2(dual2)in 2.3 cubic feet @ 30HZ powerd by the newly aquired USAmps MD.1D at 1 ohm. And I had also done the "Big 3" in 4 gauge as well.

A big thanks to Mark of Mach 5 for his help on the new box. Great job!

Now I have had the eD sub for almost a year. But it was removed for the winter at which time I used a Pair of Mach 5 Maw 15's. It was originally powerd by the PG amp, which was feeding it roughly 600rms. And for the longrst time i was very happy with how everything sounded. With the PG amp and eD sub combo I did manage a 136db on the termlab last summer.

So when Income tax refund season came around, I started asking myself what my plans were for my refund. I could have taken a trip......but naw, that would have been to frivolous in my opinion as I would have had very little to show for it after all was said and done. I then decided to feed my adiction. So a new sub amp it was. Recently I had the oportunity to vist a new local dealer of USAmps in Winnipeg, who I had been conversing with online for several months prior to this endeavour. I went down to the shop to check them out for myself. And imediately I was impressed with the styling and overall robustness of the MD1D. I had previoulsy done alot of research on this amp but little was found about this specific model. The othe Merlin series amps did have a very strong folowing online so I decided to give it a shot. And I took it!

So before I could toss this baby in. I had to do some fortifying to my current set up. I had 4 gaugue power/ground wires ran for my old setup(PG ti600.2 & Alpine MRP-F240). SO I purchased a Kicker 0 gauge hyper flex kit to supply my needs.

I am not going to bore you with the install details because we all know what they are.

So....with the mach5's installed in a final 4ohm configuration at which point the MD1D is CEA rated at 450rms. Well let me say that the output and over all control of the Mach 5 MAW15's was increased. Which wasnt what I was expecting at all seeing as the PG is rated at 604rms @ 4ohm(as per birth sheet) and is renowned for being of excelent quality. It was at this point that I felt there was no need in changing the voice coil configuration of the MAW's. Simpily because it was loud enough and because the return of the eD 16ov.2 was only days away.

Today I was finally able to get the eD back in. In the past I have gone through several different setups, the loudest I was able to achieve with all my systems was 139db with a pair of.....you guessed it eD flat coned 12's off of the same PG amp. And let me say today I sit here typing this absolutely ASTONISHED! It almost hard to put into words just how impressed with the MD1D I am. I have no doubt that i have achieved a new level in shear output. And the truely disturbing part is knowing that I am only using about two thirds of the merlins rated power Becasue of my preout and gain settings.

There is alot more tweaking to take place so I will update this review as changes are made.

But to me...the MD1D is one of my most worth while investments I may have ever made. I think I have finally achieved a zen like contentment with my car stereo....How many can say that.