Blaupunkt VA4100...yes BLAUPUNKT!!!!!

Disregard the name...this is a quality amp. I would have never bought a blau product until I did some research. Quote from a fellow member regarding this line of Blau's amps:
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The Velocity amps were produced to target the mid-fi arena and compete with other manufacturer's higher/mid lines. But since most consumers have your view of the brand (Blau = lower end junk), they didn't sell well and Blau consequently sold the remaining stock for pretty low prices.

Supposedly very solid and nice amplifiers.
I'd say so. Just got mine in yesterday. It's pretty robust. Sounds really good. Pumps out power. Has a few features that I thought are cool (not the reason I bought it though):

1. Powers down when it gets hot, but does not turn off. Just lessens the output until it cools back off. Known as "Thermal Throttle".
From Blau's site: "Our Velocity amps keep right on blasting – thanks to our unique “thermal Throttle” circuit, when the heat goes up, the amp gain adjusts automatically to prevent overheating from happening in the first place."

2. Has ground loop switches on the bottom. If you have a car that induces noise you can turn this on to kill alt whine, if not then you can leave it off. Known as "Hush Circuitry".

In my situation all I needed was power. I have my processor to do everything else (x-overs in this case). For the money, I feel these are great amps. I think they can be bought for $160 online, though I paid $140 shipped for mine. Also doesn't cause anymore dimming than my previous amp did, but puts out 2.5x the power @ the same impedence. This really brought my Rainbows up to speed, and I have much more clarity and refined sound (especially in the 200-2400hz range).

Manufacturer's Specs:
Channels 4/3/2
Unbridged Power (Wrms) 4 x 100
Bridged Power (Wrms) 2 x 300
Load stability (min./unbridged) unbridged 2 ohms @ 4 x 150 W / bridged 4 ohms @ 2 x 300 W
S/N Ratio: dBa @ 1W > 80
dBa @ Full Power > 100
Input Mode RCA
Input Gain Range (V rms) 0.3 – 8.0
Crossovers (cont. variable) HP/LP, 50 – 250
Dimensions (in) 2.4 x 11.8 x 19.3
Also comes with a "cover" to hide the terminals:

To sum it up, GREAT amp for the money.
Birth Sheet:

Installed (False floor FTW):

Edit: $170+ shipping HERE.