I wanted to share my experience w/ this hifonics brutus amp. Its rated @ 2000 watts @ 1 ohm, but have been told it really only good for around 1600 rms watts.
I have it running my RE audio xxx 15" sub in a snailshell enclosure in my '05 chrysler 300. Although its a trunk car(the seats fold down, to reveal a big opening), and throwing only 1600+- watts, it gets LOUD AS HELL!!!!
The amp looks awesome, w/ the black finish w/ chrome ends, and the "hifonics" and ends even light up a nice neon blue, but not too tacky. It has never heated up at all, and w/ all the dials and features, i can really set the system up just about perfect. Although i'd like to have a little more power pushing the mighty XXX, the hifonics truly kills it, even helping me get a score of 145.4 @ the dash on the new tl.......in my trunk car.!!!
I would probably never get a different amp for the same money since I now know how these amps perform, and recommend it to anyone who wants a powerful amp they can get new for $325 shipped...+-

I bought it used 1 month on ebay for $235 shipped, and worth every penny.
If someone's looking for an amp to push aroung 1500 watts into their sub(s), this is definately the one w/o killing your wallet.