I've had it for a couple months now and figured I've heard it enough to give a review. It's powered with an MTX TA7402 amp (600watts @ 2 ohms) and in a prefab ported box probably around 2 cubes. I might measure the ports and the box to see if somebody can tell me what it's tuned to.

Anyway, this thing gets louder than my eclipse sw8122dvc I had on the same power before it. It's louder than my Planet Audio big bang 12 on the same power before that. My cousin (who will be reviewing his MAW soon too) has his on a lot more power so these things are pretty tough too.

SQ is impressive. Going from the eclipse I didn't notice any difference at first. Now I've had it longer and notice minor differences. This thing undoubtedly gets louder than the eclipse, however the eclipse had less deviation between frequencies. If I put in some metal (as i lay dying, killswitch engage, zao, etc.) the eclipse sounded better but that's comparing a SQ sub to a budget sub. The difference sounds minimal to me. Rap tends to have less emphasis on SQ so I don't notice much difference other than the MAW15 gets louder (than the eclipse) on the low notes.

At the end of the day I'm satisfied with my purchase. For ~$100 brand new I don't think you can get any better than this sub. I look forward to possibly trying the SPL sub Mach 5 audio is currently working on.

Forgot to take pics as I was anxious to get it installed (impatience ftw?) maybe if and when I change subs I'll get pics of it.