Alpine is synonmous with qaulity, well built and good performance in their products.
Seeing as though this is the kick at the bucket for this amp. I thought i would pay it some respect due to its good performance.

Sound quality on this amp is very good( digital ) ya figure..
Amp draw is low considering the 1000w plus it puts out at 2 ohms
controls: excellent setup and design on this amp..
( if ya can find one, it is a pdx in a different shell, plus half the cost
look: I personally love the look of this amp, thats just me.

On the road and in the world. I run it to a single type r 15 AND I would say that this amp feeds my R plenty of power and bumps that ***** reallll goooood. I have used this amp in many applications from 2 jl's to 4 rf 10's to 1 brahma 15 and 1 r 15. I think for qaulity, dependability and features, this amp is a good choice...........

Well done alpine.......