I've Owned The R F P6001bd For A Few Months Now, And Love It.
Its A 2 Channel Amp Rated @ 600w Rms @2ohms, But Its Underrated.
The Birth Sheet Actually Shows It Puts Out 722 Rms Watts @ 2 Ohms!!!
I Had It Running A Jl 10w7 For A Few Months, And It Was Truly Amazing. The Sound Quality And Overall Output Was Impressive.
No One Believed I Had Only 1 Sub.....ket Alone A 10"!!!!
I Bought It Gently Used On Ebay For $120 Plus $20 Shipping, And Worth Every Penny.
It Has Everything A Basic Good 2 Channel Amp Has, But Also Has Subsonic Filter, And Even Outputs For Daisy Chaining Another Amp.
For The Price, Reliability, And Clean Output, I'd Give It A 10/10.
You Truly Can Get A Good Amp Cheap W/ This Unit!!!!!!