Yeah, it's overrated, but I got it cheap. I listened to it at the local shop only to be suprised by the reasonable power and sound ability it had. They wanted $199 for it so I passed on it. Later that night I ordered 2 from They cost a whopping $55 each plus shipping. Awesome deal! I have used them on 2 15's in my little driver for 4 days now and am impressed by their dollar per watt performance.
I am into old school amps and this is the first cheapo I have bought in years. It may blow next week, but for now it was a bargain. 1000 watts, I think not, but they both blew a 40 amp fuse each in less than 10 secs of use (40 amp fuses on each amp and both blew at the same time while listening to a hard bass note). I upgraded to 80 amp fuses and they have done great since.

Low on cash and want to bump, buy one or two like I did.