The amp is quite honestly underpowered....alot. I borrowed this amp from a buddy of mine to power my PG Sub until I gathered cash for my amp.

Build Quality: The amp looks cheaply built, but when held, it has a heavyness that would decieve you to think otherwise. A nice option I saw was that it has 4 places on each side that you could bolt the amp into, to hold the amp in place. The bottom pan which holds the guts is thin and almost papery feeling. It does have an open are that you can bolt this in tighter spots.

Ease of use: It is fairly easy to hook up, using hex keys for all the speaker terminals, ground, remote, power, etc.... If you've done an install before, this is plug and play easy. Just have the right tools.

Power: As stated originally, it is highly underpowered. The amp says 300 watts at 4 ohms. I'd gander a guess at more like 200 watts continuous at 4 ohms. My audiobahn sounded like it had much more to it, and that was a multichannel I bridged.

Options: As far as options, it has the usual; X-over, Bass boost, and Gain. What bothers me the most is that it does not have the circutry to stop the nasty noises on power up. Everytime it powers up, it makes huge thuds through the sub, and static noise. I immediately removed the amp and am going to wait to get another one.