What's the first thing that comes to mind when I say 'Lightning Audio'? Let me guess... Wal-Mart F&F bass packages, ugly yelllow amplifiers and capacitors?

Well I bought these amplifiers about a year ago, and I was under that impression. Why would I want to buy something made by a brand who offers such low-end products? Especially for the price the guy was asking!

Well curiosity and the guy's insistance got the best of me, so I got the X1.800.4 and the X1.1000.1D I haven't looked back since. I've been extremely satisfied with these amplifiers.

I've pushed 2 component sets with ease with the 800.4, and now I'm using it to push mids and midbass. It is always solid, and I've never overheated it. Its' sound quality is great, and it's never given me the slightest problem. Build quality on it is excellent. I cracked it open, and nothing looked cheap or out of place. The heatsink is quite hefty, making it a pretty heavy amp.

The same as above gots for the 1000.1. It's always been solid. I've used it to push 3 CVR 10's and my 15" L7, and it pushed them just fine. I've never felt it get more than warm to the touch, and it's never shut off, no matter how hard I've pushed it.

My only gripe is that they love their voltage. Sometimes they refuse to come on without the car turned on, which doesn't really matter to me.

Very solid amps, definately not the stereotypical Lightning Audio. I love these amps.