Let me tell you this is a great amp. I had a hifonics bx1500d that ran excellent for close to a year and ended up just dieing for absolutley no reason. So after not having bass for a while i decided to buy an amp. I was thinking about buying from phoenix gold or hifonics but thought gee i spend close to 400$ for an amp that may blow at anytime for no reason or buy an amp that is not even 200$ and take a chance. Welp i ended up buying this thinking it couldnt last me long at all or run horribly but let me tell you i love it. Sure its no where near 3000 watts and its chromed out but those aside its great. I have it hooked up to my 15" mag at 1 ohm and it keeps it pounding like a champ. Im taking my system out soon so i beat the hell out of this amp because its no loss if it blows and it takes it. I never even let my bx1500d see even close to this amount of stress and it died. I always thought of boss as being the worst excuse for caraudio products but after using this i will recommend this anyday of the week. I have had this for about four months now and never had it go into protection, get hot, or have anyother type of problem. I would say im getting probably 1000-1200 watts which is excellent. Sure i know many of you will read this and think im a ******* and dont know what im saying but i swear to you i do this is a great product. I normally would never do a review especially a boss product but i know there are many people out there like me that want a nice loud system but cant spend much money on an amp. Welp here yha go an amazingly cheap amp that does an amazing job.
STYLE-5 but if you like chrome its a 10