I recently bought one of these off of cardomain refurbished for around 350. It is one of the most impressive amps that I have had a chance to see. I have 4 different settings for all of the different types of music I listen to. This amps makes it a snap to gain punch in the drum bass and lose guitar bass and vise versa. When I first got this amp I was a bit worried b/c the factory presets weren't to my liking at all. It seemed that the amp had no output. After a few days on websites like this one, I came to know what the settings meant and how I could change them. Now I am very happy with how it drives my L5 and seems to hold its own powerwise with my friends 801D. I would recomend that if you have an L5 or maybe even an L7 that you look into this amp because it is a perfect match for the sub.