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Reload Thread: Kicker KX800.4

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    Re: Kicker KX800 4

    Quote Originally Posted by towtongebug View Post
    Ill give you a tip for when if you get the code; you still have to activate the Butt Kicker in the Radnet Extras menu yes, even though it isnt supposed to be part of Radnet, they put it in there.
    Posts like these are becoming all too common with you. Stop.

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    Re: Kicker KX800 4

    Quote Originally Posted by Better-Action View Post
    Da fuh you talking about?
    lol for real

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    Re: Kicker KX800.4

    Geoff can you send me the highest amount you are willing to accept via Morse code or smoke signals? Which ever is easier for you. I may even consider accepting the message sent by war pigeon if you decide to go that route.


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    Re: Kicker KX800.4

    Quote Originally Posted by ge_off_me View Post
    Dude! Do you still have this?!?!?! If so call me ASAP and ill take it when we meet up so I can my PPIs back.

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