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Reload Thread: F/S Old School Alpine MRV1507

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    Re: F/S Old School Alpine MRV1507

    Quote Originally Posted by keep_hope_alive View Post
    ****. i so want one of these again!

    excellent price. similar power as the newer BA GT-2300, but much better made.
    Ya i remember you telling me that you wanted it if i didnt end up buying it, well guess what now u can have it! lol

    Seriously though someone needs to buy this so i can get a bigger amp, this thing is a beast and the power is at 4 ohms! who wants to pass that up? less strain on the electrical and more sound quality, plus you can just use it as a B.A. 2 channel for some 8s in your doors or something like that

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    Re: F/S Old School Alpine MRV1507

    Still have this? This might be perfect for 2 Boston acoustics g3 10's. think so? They are D4 so each one on their own channel would be bad *** and sound amazing on this amp

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    Re: F/S Old School Alpine MRV1507

    Would you be interested in my 320 gig PS3 w/games for this amp?

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