Item(s) for Sale:
1 JBL BPX2200.1
1 JBL PX300.4

Item(s) Description/Condition:

Im am selling both of these because i sold the vehicle all of my equipment was in and dont want to put it into my new vehicle. Everything was/is in working condidition when i pulled it from the vehicle.
If you know anythign about these amps they are great. They are aestecially very pleasing and if you wanted they have a space inside to put lights in them. The 2200.1 is made by Crown, known for its great amplifiers.

The 2200.1 was bought used. Ive had absolutely no issues with it and it ran my 2 JBL w15mkII's withought a hitch. Puts out extremely clean and reliable 2k+ watts from 1-4 ohms. Amazing amp.

The 300.4 was purchased new. Used it to power a set a components, so its hasnt been pushed that much. I believe it does between 100-125x4 at 4ohms. Regardless, it is in very good condition and matches teh 2200.1 perfectly.

Both amps will be packaged correctly, but wont come in original boxes.


Looking for 515 shipped on the 2200.1 and 200 shipped on the 300.4, all in the continental US of course. Willing to work with price if your interested in purchasing more then one item, i have quite a bit of ther stuff for sale also.
Not really looking for any trades, looking to get out of car audio. May consider some home theater stuff, not any HTIB stuff though.

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