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Reload Thread: Midrange run active off zapco 6 channel question

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    Midrange run active off zapco 6 channel question

    ere is my question. I have a Zapco 650.6 currently running the 6 3/4 woofers and 1" tweeters through a 2 way crossover. I would really like to get the Pioneer PRS midranges in , in order to get the imaging done but do not yet have the Audiocontrol DQXS in. Is it safe for me to run the Pioneer midranges with 50 watts from the zapco with only using the on amp settings? Also would a D'Amore crossover device help me not blow the expensive miranges? I am not read to put in the Audiocontrol DQXS to act as the electronic crossover as its pretty complicated and im worried about ruining the drivability of the sound system that i have going right now.

    I am running a Kenwood excelon 890hd through an Audiocontrol matrix back to the zapco 6 channel 50x6. The tweeter and miss are right now running off passive crossovers. The pioneer midranges 2 5/8" have the cups. The Audiocontrol DQXS is very complicated and I don't have that kind of time right now. Would it be np best to get an inexpensive NOT cheap set of 3 way passive crossovers while I wait to have the time to do the DQXS?

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    Re: Midrange run active off zapco 6 channel question

    If you can set your crossovers on the amp you should have no problem.

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