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Reload Thread: Tips on gaining 1/10s

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    Re: Tips on gaining 1/10s

    I can tell you in a event like meca park and pound i gained two by opening my sunroof. It was the same with others that tried it

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    Re: Tips on gaining 1/10s

    I've heard a little bit of crafty duct tape work can be beneficial.

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    Re: Tips on gaining 1/10s

    THE most important thing in hunting tenths is consistancy. Make sure you are testing with similar conditions every time.

    Pick a voltage and start there everytime. I test car off and on a charger. Burp, charge while I change something. Burp, charge, change, repeat.

    Change ONE THING AT A TIME. If you're laying mat, lay 1sq ft at a time. I lost 3 tenths by laying one tile. Took it back out and got those .3 back. 1sq ft. Lol. If you're testing sun visors, do one at a time. Seats, one at a time. The "go to" seat position is usually both seats all the way forward and leaned up. My buddy forgot the passenger seat back on one burp... it was good for 5 tenths.

    If you haven't already, find all of those stupid pressure vents to the outside and cover those dang things. Those can be huge.

    There is a ton to be had. Between installing my finals box and actually running at finals I had found 1.7db. That's a lot, but it's in there. You just have to find it.

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