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Reload Thread: buying a spl meter. any opinions on what brand?

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    Re: buying a spl meter. any opinions on what brand?

    Quote Originally Posted by snoopdan View Post
    We've had Shizzon at the shop and the SPL-Labs meters along side the termlab and so no real significant difference. But we allways fall back on the Termlab meter because it IS what all the competition organizations use at this time.
    I have been wanting to do some testing with it, but looks like I won't be doing any testing until they get one sent out to some one else I know. I wanted to try out their bluetooth model but no idea when/if I will get that chance.

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    Re: buying a spl meter. any opinions on what brand?

    If you know how far off any of those meters are from the TL and as long as it's consistant, you'd be fine. If the SPL Labs had a BT for the iPhone I'd be all over it. And I already own a TermLab.

    I tested with the SPL Labs at the last show and it was pretty dead on when I got in the lane on the TL (I didn't have mine at the show). And it was just a mic streaming to the dude's phone. It was awesome.

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