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    Don't deal with wirenut495

    I made a trade with wirenut495 back on aug 7th. I was to trade my galaxy s2 for his iphone 4s. I sent the galaxy s2 as agreed, but I have never received the iphone. i sent him the tracking info, but never got any tracking info from him. instead, 3 days later, he sent me a pm saying that his wife sent it to him in japan instead of sending it to me, and that he would send it to me as soon as he received it.

    i know mistakes happen and all, and decided to wait it out a little. i did tell him to supply me with the tracking info for iphone going to him in japan so i had some sort of proof. i never heard back. i did track down his email address online though. i emailed him asking for the tracking and such.

    a week and a half later he emails me and says i need to be patient and he will send it when he gets it. he said he had been out of town for 2 weeks and he couldn't use the internet.
    well now it's been over a month, and i have no iphone and no response from this guy. I'm calling sprint tomorrow to that phone reported stolen. i should have done it before, but i was hoping this would turn out good. looks like i was wrong...

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    Re: Don't deal with wirenut495 FAQ's TOS Agreement
    Forum Rules

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    Re: Don't deal with wirenut495

    Quote Originally Posted by whitedragon551 View Post
    Scammer=wirenut495...How the hell did the phone get mailed to him in Japan, and all sudden he is in the states without the phone in possession??I smell STINK.Report that phone Dog..Maybe they can trace that joker,and charges can be filed,and old Numbers/Locations

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    Re: Don't deal with wirenut495

    Scammin mf's need strung up and gutted!

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    Re: Don't deal with wirenut495

    i would never trade phones unless its local and face to face. Too many bugs/problems can happen with phones to risk a trade along with all the scamming going on.

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    Re: Don't deal with wirenut495

    Both are ***** tier phones anyway. Consider it a cheap lesson learned.

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