I'm not going to say he's a scammer for sure, because I am not out any money. But he's throwing up red flags. If you're dealing with him, be careful.

The guy only has 10 pretty worthless posts, no avatar or hardly any other information on his profile, etc...

He flaked out after I invoiced him via paypal. Everything was agreed upon before I invoiced him. As always with my subwoofer sales, it was agreed that shipping damage is the responsibility of the buyer. I think he was hoping I wouldn't put this in the paypal agreement so he could screw me over, keep the sub, and get his money back. But I'll never know, because it never got that far. Also, it took me pming him over 2 days for him to finally respond to tell me that he was flaking out of the deal. The whole thing just really threw up red flags for me.

Anyway, just a warning to other members. Watch your back with this guy until he gets more reputation. If nothing else, he's one of those PITA flaky people to deal with.