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Reload Thread: Jsantoyo89 is a Scammer!

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    Re: Jsantoyo89 is a Scammer!

    He will definately get whats coming. 1on1 paypal might not side with you but 6on1 paypal will definately side with you

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    Re: Jsantoyo89 is a Scammer!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jayzbent View Post
    Thanks @West ; I appreciate it. Anyway this is the first time I been scammed since E-bay basically started. Not a bad run but still not cool!
    The process takes around 20 days and you have to go through their dispute process. Paypal sides with the buyer. They have even covered claims for items I paid for and had shipped from Craig's list. One Mcintosh MX4000+MDA4000 that was 1k and the guy never shipped it. Just never gift money to people, I don't care how much you trust them...

    Also you have a set amount of time to start the dispute process I think it's 30-45 days or something like that. If the guy claims to have shipped it that will delay the process, but most skammers won't even respond to the emails they get from paypal. They will close bank accounts etc. but it's still nothing to worry about because paypal will refund you even if the funds cannot be recovered from the seller.

    Good luck with the monies.

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    Re: Jsantoyo89 is a Scammer!

    PayPal ruled in my favor. Funds should be returned within 5 days.

    Quote Originally Posted by blobb454 View Post
    How much power? How much load can she take? Lol
    Refs mr b/04murdalanche/garretttt4/Cal/Alec14/throatrattling/CleaRSkieS/ddgalant189/Doc ProMos/Zeuslicious/nwdsk8er/BlactimusCrime/Boomsday/dacheatham/corey0928/jdubbau/Columbus45

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    Re: Jsantoyo89 is a Scammer!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jayzbent View Post
    PayPal ruled in my favor. Funds should be returned within 5 days.
    Glad it worked out.Thanks for the heads up on a scammin pos..

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    Re: Jsantoyo89 is a Scammer!

    glad to hear you got your money back .

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    Re: Jsantoyo89 is a Scammer!

    weird. I bought dr dre beats solo hd's from him with no problem.

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