Was about a year or so ago I had a deal with bigoooee on carstereoclassifieds.org go sour. Traded my DAD BD12s and some cash for a 05 re xxx 18 and a rockford fosgate 1500 bdcp.

When I received the re xxx it was in a wooden crate that you could tell had been through hell. A couple support arms were broken and the sub's basket was a little messed up. The motor was shifted and seized the sub up buttt I think the sub was actually blown when I got it too because the coil was BLACK not just a dark coil but had clear burn marks on it when I tore the sub apart.

Sub was not entirely insured since he sent it from his uncles work and didn't have the shipping company pack it and wood isn't considered a good packing material.

So we came to an agreement that he would send me $225 back and we would call it even. He said it was going to take a little bit of time since he had no real income at the time. It was fine with me. He was around a lot online and had good feedback so I was ok being patient as things do happen.

So it was supposed to be a few weeks which turned into a few months and has now been almost a year. He has had almost no contact with me in the recent months and doesn't log in very often on any other sites.

link to thread on csco bigoooee - Car Stereo Classifieds

So if someone knows him I just want something back idc if it is the whole amount I'm just done waiting.