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Reload Thread: surreyjack Beware

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    Re: surreyjack Beware

    Lol at "established" members. Should I be the one who throws out all the names of these so called "established" members in the past that were involved in shady transactions or outright scammed other members.

    That's just a risk you take when dealing online, sad to say

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    Re: surreyjack Beware

    Quote Originally Posted by Epic0318 View Post
    I say unestablished members should provide phone number and other information so that the person can be tracked. And then we get locals to beat the **** out of them
    Your supposed to do that with every transaction whether your established or not.

    Also this wouldnt happen if people would report classified or trade ads that broke the rules. FAQ's TOS Agreement
    Forum Rules

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    Re: surreyjack Beware

    we need a scammer for the scammers. a big one. like Kevin. to scam the scammers that scam

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