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well, I didn't know there was electrical tape on there... however I did notice the plastic caps that cover the T-leads are conspicuouly absent.. but I digress... if you had made any attempt to contact me we would ahve worked something out (I even PM'd you a week after I sent it to see if everything was cool and you never replied).. I am a GOOD seller ask slim2fattycake, I refunded his cash before I even had a T# on the woofer he was sending back to me (it was BRAND NEW but had some strange factory defect on the VC former confirmed by snoopdan).. so I'm no scammer... I just see a bunch of redflags... mno contact and 2 days before PP claim period ends... a random claim...

Yeah, I can vouche for him being a good seller. It was unfortunate what happened but he made it right. Hell we both had problems lol.

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Clearly wes is a scammer. I can see it. Hopefully everyone else can. He scammed in that other thread worst found. He's scamming now. People ALWAYS at least try to contact the seller if there is a problem. If you contact the seller, it is worth a shot and is the only way to do business. Reversing the paypal claim before talking to anyone is clearly a scam.... whether they were obligated to do anything or not is irrelevant. You give them the chance. The reason wes did not is because he knew that the seller knew there was no problem. He just wanted his money back while keeping the item.
He is posting in here so that he can continue to do business on this forum.

Also, a broken tinsel lead does not even count as a damaged sub. It would take someone with minimal experience with electronics about 5 minutes to repair it as good as new. That is much less expensive than shipping the item back to the seller....... but wes has no intention of sending the item back to the seller because...... you guessed it. He's a scammer.
If you paid for something to be in 100% working order, how would you be okay with something that is broken and you had to fix. It doesn't matter how small the problem is, if you have to fix it or if it wasn't as stated before the deal was made then its not right.

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what an idiot...electrical tape on the leads...I had no reason to check them...are you fukkin kidding me? hahaha! you are an idiot sir...
But yeah, I'd check that **** first lol.