Cliffs... Traded a Memphis Belle for a SAZ1500D plus my shipping.
Belle was not the one he claimed it to be.
Cal said my amp had been traded off (2 days after receiving it) Owes me 90 dollars because he can't get it back

Still haven't received the money and yesterday he tried selling the amp on caco to another member.

DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS GUY. He is not well known on here or caco, but they will more than likely prohibit him from selling there soon and he might come here.

Our transaction started in this thread

We traded my very nice looking Sundown SAZ1500D for his Memphis Belle plus cash for my shipping. Note that the he says it's the 1100 watt 5th channel version. Trade goes through, he receives my amp on a Saturday, I receive his on a Monday. He did ship out the same day. The Belle I received was poorly packaged. It had bubble wrap at the bottom and was wrapped in paper towels on the top. I did not really care about the condition of the amp as long as it was fully functional. I look on the bottom of the amp and aside from the serial and model number sticker being scratched off, I notice 3 25 amp fuses. My theory though possible wrong hasn't failed me. I do the fusing times 10 and figure the amp puts out about that much. Well 75x10 is 750. Nowhere near 1300. I opened the amp and this is the 400 watt 5th channel version. Instantly I text him of the situation and first he took the defensive as to say that he showed me pics of what I was getting and that he already traded the Sundown amp. Then he said he didn't realize it was the 400 watt 5th channel version (though he claimed to have fully tested it) and some other **** about how he was only using it on his highs. Also my shipping money never came. It took another 5 or 6 days to get that through Paypal. We agreed that he owed me a total of 120 (90 for his mistake and 30 for my shipping) and said I would get the rest of the money yesterday. Well as of this morning I have not received payment.
Pretty much I have been dealing with trying to get either my amp which I really wanted back or the money since late April. Multiple times the guy said that the amp was traded for some subs.

I then loged on yesterday morning to see this ****
So either he somehow got another 1500D or he was lying about not having mine just days after receiving it.

Cal29, I want my amp back. You can have your Belle back, as I haven't "traded it" yet. I've already contacted you via text. This whole situation is shady as hell and the people here need to know about it. I don't screw people over, so I don't expect to be screwed over either. Hopefully this makes everyone here aware of the kind of person Cal29 is. On one hand, he did ship the amp same day as did I, but on the other hand, he lied and when faced with an issue with our deal he did not follow through. I can provide any and all PMs regarding our deal. At this point, I have no faith that you will make good on either my amp or my money. Hopefully the person that "bought" it this morning doesn't get screwed over either.