Tell us your favorite quotation, who said it, and why it is meaningful to you.

"Speak softly and carry a big stick." A phrase used by former president Theodore Roosevelt in a 1903 speech about the Monroe Doctrine. Roosevelt used this phrase to inspire the American people to work hard and efficiently. And with that our country will go far. This quote has inspired me to be a level headed person in all aspects of life, if tough circumstances are presented before you, you should not panic but work hard to overcome them. Also if you are successful you need not gloat but rather be humble. Additionally being arrogant can hinder your success in life; people who are looking to hire you during a job interview do not want an arrogant person the want a smart, humble successful person. If you speak softly and perform the duties you are required to do you will go very far in life and that has helped me prepare for a successful career.