He contacted me 9/15/07 asking about some pc parts, I replied and he accepted the offer and told me he would ship out a money order. The total was $200+

Didnt here anything so I sent him a PM on the 17th to make sure he sent the MO out. Got a response on the 18th saying "dont worry it is going out today"

Sent a pm on the 21st following up cause I hadn't heard anything from him and never received a response

He hasnt been online since the 19th, hasn't responded and I have not received the money order and it is now the 25th

I missed a couple sales because I was waiting for his payment which never showed up.

If you are gonna commit to a sale and someone holds the items for you at least have the courtesy to respond!

Don't waste you time with him, just another person who wants crap they dont have the money to pay for.

his profile: